3. - 15. October 2023

Vocal commotion from Šiška ...

We’re opening LVF with a bangin’ international BBX Battle, celebrating 10 years of Beatbox Slovenia in the Komuna hall of Kino Šiška!

... to Šiška ...

The traditional finale of the festival, the Slovenian a cappella celebration, the LVF Vocal Show in the Katedrala hall of Kino Šiška!

🎶 A cappella

🎤 Beatbox

🎧 Loop station

🧠 Workshops

🎉 and more!

... and everywhere in between!

Between the festival’s grand opening and thrilling finale, we’ll be treating you to an array of fabulous free music events!



Monday 15.

🧠 Virtual forum

Ljubljana Vocal Festival & SIGIC: Kako daleč se sliši slovenska zborovska glasba?

18.00, na spletu

Until the end of year...

… stay in touch!

Thursday 11.

🎧 Concert

Loop night 

Žigan Krajnčan, Gašper Grom, Mr. Syncopad

19:30, ČINČIN

Friday 12.

🎶 Concert

Zvezdana Novaković: Čaralice

Opening act: Maroltovke

19:30, Atrij ZRC SAZU

Saturday 13.

🧠 Workshop 
Beatbox lajf
10:00, JSKD Skladovnica
🎤 Concert
7th National BeatBox championship
20:00, Klub Gromka, Metelkova

Sunday 14.

🧠 Workshop


10:30, TBA


🎉 Closing Concert

Vocal show

⚠️ Canceled ⚠️

Monday 15.

🧠 Virtual forum

Ljubljana Vocal Festival & SIGIC: Kako daleč se sliši slovenska zborovska glasba?

18.00, na spletu



Growing louder every year

16 years
40+ booming events
634+ meters of cables
1031+ voices
10.068+ ears
23.013+ mixing table button twists
∞+ smiles

We're a loud bunch

Jazzva, Bassless, Male Malice, A-Kamela, Kreativo, (pd)4, Bee Geesus, Carmen Manet, Tadej Pasar, Spritz for Five (ITA), Pushluschtae, Acoustricks, Upsweep (ITA) , Voxon (AT), Šaleški študentski oktet, Adis Bešić, Rozalije, Mateo Zonta, Skety (CZ), Sonus, Elephant Claps (ITA), Amadeus, Cantemus, Mr. Syncopad, Gašper Grom, Develooper (CZ), Octachord (CRO), 4Given, Oktet 9, 6pet, Vocabella, …

Using our voices to build community

When we’re not singing, beatboxing, twisting buttons and practicing dance moves, we’re sharing our knowledge. Through heated debates, unique workshops and skillfull showcase sessions, we analyse music to its basic building blocks. And everytime, without exception, we make some noise together!

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O nas


The organisational team of the a capella group Jazzva started a tradition of connecting the best Slovenian a cappella artists and vocal acrobats with the first edition of the Popjazziada festival in 2007. 


Their exploration of the human voice gradually grew into an international festival, called Ljubljana Vocal Festival. It gives centre stage and final say to the unique instrument, the human voice.

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